Ontario Physical Education
Safety Guidelines

The Ontario Physical Education Guidelines focus teachers’ attention on safe instructional practices and recommended equipment for each class activity in order to minimize the inherent elements of risk.

The primary responsibility for the care and safety of students rests with the school board and its employees. An important aspect in fulfilling this role is recognizing that there is an element of risk in all physical activity and managing that risk more effectively.

A guideline alone does not eliminate risk regardless of how well it is written or how effectively it is implemented. Safety awareness, practiced by the teacher, based on up-to-date information, proper safety equipment, common sense observation, action and foresight, is the key to safe programming.

The Guidelines:

  • Provide minimum safety requirements in physical activities
  • Help make your programs safer
  • Raise the level of vigilance related to safety issues on the part of administrators and teachers
  • Answer many questions for staff

OSBIE recommends the use of the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines for all school sports, including Curricular, Intramurals and Interschool Athletics. Adhering to these guidelines provides you with the minimum standard of care that will be expected of all school personnel involved in physical education activities.

For more information on OPHEA, go to their website at www.ophea.net

To access the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines: http://safety.ophea.net/


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