Risk Management Seminar

Risk Management Seminar 2017 Presentations Handouts

Risk Management Track

Break-out Session 1

Organizations Aren't Hacked, People Are! (Social Media Session)

Presenter: Nejolla Korris, InterVeritas

Human manipulation is the greatest risk for any organization. Toss in social media and this risk multiplies immensely. Your employees and students are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn every day. Every day, personal and professional information makes its way online. Within this seminar:

  • Learn to manage social corporate risk
  • Protect the reputation of your school
  • Legal implications of data leakage via social media
  • Social Engineering and how it affects your employees and your organization
  • Review some of the significant social media blunders corporations have made

*Download Organizations Aren't Hacked, People Are! Presentation Slides

Break-out Session 2

Supporting Students with Autism & Other Special Needs

Presenter: Eric Roher, BLG

A recent study found that one in 68 children were identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). New research shows that the number of children identified with ASD continues to rise. This session will examine:

  • School boards are facing new challenges in supporting students with ASD and other special needs;
  • More parents are looking for tailor-made educational tools to support their children;
  • School boards are faced with constraints regarding budget, personnel and limited resources;
  • Schools must balance the obligation to accommodate special needs children and serve the majority of their students;
  • The roles and responsibilities of school administrators and special education staff to support their students;
  • Best practices for schools in navigating this complex and demanding issue.

*Download Supporting Students with Autism & Other Special Needs Presentation Slides

Break-out Session 3

Risk Management for Field Trips & School Activities

Presenter: Julie Welsh, OSBIE

In today's society, involvement in "extreme activities" is encouraged for young people by the media and in advertising on a daily basis. How do schools manage these expectations and pressure to offer extreme school activities while balancing the safety of students?

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Social Concerns and Legal Expectations when planning school activities.
  • The various risk management strategies available when organizing school activities.
  • Where are YOUR Risks when organizing and planning school activities?
  • Informed consents vs. waivers
  • Working with third party vendors to meet safety standards and manage risks.

Please contact rm@osbie.on.ca for more information

Organization Track

Break-out Session 1

Medical & Recreational Marijuana: Hashing out the Legal Issues

Presenter: Brenda Stokes Verworn, DSB of Niagara lawyer (retired)

This session will examine what school boards should be doing to address the legal issues of marijuana in the workplace. Is there a duty to accommodate, and if so, what should be expected of employees who have a prescription to use medical marijuana? Are there safety sensitive issues in our schools? What are the effects of marijuana use and how will impairment be determined? What case law exists to guide school administrators in dealing with these challenging issues? What policies should school boards develop?

This session will also address the implications for both school staff and students of the pending legalization of recreational marijuana. Will schools still be able to prohibit student use on their campuses and will its use and distribution still warrant discipline in the form of a suspension or expulsion?

*Download Medical & Recreational Marijuana Presentation Slides

Break-out Session 2

Agreements & Contracts - How to Build Successful Partnerships

Presenter: Scott Spindler, Harrison Pensa LLP

School boards are increasingly being encouraged to enter into partnerships and other cooperative arrangements with any number of community partners. Topics covered in this seminar are intended to provide strategies and approaches to:

  • Help identify the issues to be considered when structuring a partnership; minimize risk when entering into partnerships; and,
  • Achieve successful partnerships.

*Download Agreements & Contracts - How to Build Successful Partnerships Presentation Slides

Break-out Session 3

Managing Privacy, Security & Access to Information Compliance Risks

Presenters: Renee Barrette & Fred Carter, Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner/Ontario

All publicly-funded school boards in Ontario are subject to Ontario's privacy and access to information laws which give the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) an oversight role. This session will review current trends, recent IPC decisions and guidance documents, and new legislative amendments affecting your institution.

*Download Managing Privacy, Security & Access to Information Compliance Risks Presentation Slides

Operations/Maintenance Track

Break-out Session 1

Environmental Concerns for School Boards

Presenters: XCG Consulting Limited

This session will include discussion of the following topics as they relate to school board operations:

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

  • Underground storage tanks - regulatory requirements and how to protect the natural environment;
  • Site Assessment - land history, identification of off-property potential sources of impacts, school closure or new build due diligence, presence of on-site septic and/or private water supply, waste generator registration, and on-site automotive repair course and associated waste generation;
  • Remediation - long term monitoring of groundwater and/or indoor air quality;
  • Hazardous materials including asbestos management plans and proposed changes to regulation; mould; Indoor Air Quality; upcoming new legislation for Radon, current allowable levels of Radon and mitigation measures.

*presentation to follow (Note: none)

Break-out Session 2

Fort McMurray Wildfire Impact & Lessons Learned

Presenter: Allan Kallal, Fort McMurray Public Schools

The presentation will cover the impact of the fire on the community, Fort McMurray Public School District's emergency response preparation and lessons learned, communication, the ability to rely on official channels, social media and decision making, and re-entry preparation and support.

*Download Fort McMurray Wildfire Impact & Lessons Learned Presentation Slides

Break-out Session 3

Construction Requirements & the Ontario Building Code

Presenter: Thomas Pepper, B.Eng., P. Eng. - 30 Forensics

This session will provide insight into common construction deficiencies within educational facilities. The presentation will focus on the Ontario Building Code and Fire Code requirements, and impending changes to bring awareness to the construction requirements related to public safety.

This presentation will allow the attendee to:

  • Become aware of the legal framework and evolution of the Ontario Building Code;
  • Appreciate the relationship between the Ontario Building and Fire Codes;
  • Understand the design process of buildings;
  • Identify the potential risks associated with personal injury claims;
  • Distinguish requirements related to doorway glazing, latching, barrier-free design and pedestrian walkways;

*Download Construction Requirements & the Ontario Building Code Presentation Slides

Claims/Legal Track

Break-out Session 3

Better Incident Response Practice

Presenter: Jordan Michaux, Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP

School board data security incidents now occur regularly. Boards must be prepared to respond effectively.

This session, by an experienced breach coach from Hicks Morley, will address best practices in incident response, including:

  • What steps come first?
  • When to engage external experts?
  • When (and when not) to notify the Privacy Commissioner and individuals?
  • When is a credit monitoring offer appropriate (or not)?
  • Messages to consider and messages to avoid.

*Download Better Incident Response Practice Presentation Slides