OSBIE Presentations

OSBIE Presentations

OSBIE's Risk Management department offers a variety of presentations and workshops to our members and groups affiliated with the Education System and are offered at no charge.

General Presentation Overview

Liability and Risk Management 101

School boards face many risks in their day-to-day operations, ranging from student injuries from sports or school activities, fund raising activities or community groups using school facilities.

This workshop provides a background on the social, legal and human factors that are contributing to an increase in lawsuits in Canada, an overview of the Liability insurance coverage provided to OSBIE member school boards, with a focus on the principles of risk management, risk identification and the most common risk strategies available to school boards to help reduce injuries and law suits.

This general presentation will be customized to focus on specific questions or areas of concern for various school board groups, such as: trustees, superintendents, administrators, principals, vice-principals, teachers, custodial staff, and volunteers.

Some of our customization topics include:

  • Legal Liability for School Activities
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Influences on Determining Liability
  • Technical Studies Risk
  • Cooperative Education Risks
  • Site Inspections – Where are Your Risks?

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