Risk Management

Key Elements of Risk Management

Risk Management is a systematic approach to preventing or reducing exposure to any type of loss. Everyone in your school board including administrators, employees and volunteers, is responsible for risk management. The following steps are effective ways to prevent student injuries or property losses.

  • Identify hazardous situations / activities;
  • Identify various Risk Management techniques such as:
    1. Avoidance
    2. Manage the risk (risk reduction program)
    3. Transfer the risk (request certificates of insurance, ALLSPORT, PAL)
    4. Buy insurance
    5. Retention (deductibles)
  • Select appropriate technique;
  • Implement it;
  • Monitor results, modify program if required.

OSBIE has created many Risk Management resources for our Member Boards based on a variety of school activities from Sports, Cooperative Education, Field Trips, Playgrounds and Technical Studies as well as on school maintenance and fleet management. These include:

We also are available to provide hands on presentations at your request.

If you have any questions regarding Risk Management and your School please do not hesitate to contact us at rm@osbie.on.ca or 800 668 6724