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Whilst an injury to a child is of utmost concern to a parent the unexpected and sometimes costly medical and dental expenses are a source of added consternation.

Typically, students and parents of students immediately and expectantly look to the school board for payment of medical expenses if the student is injured on school property or at a school activity. However, a school board does not provide coverage to students for accidents occurring at school.

OSBIE insures school boards under a general liability policy. In order for this policy to compensate an injured party they, the claimant, must prove that their injuries were caused by the school board’s negligence. In the absence of negligence OSBIE's liability policy does not provide medical expense coverage to injured students.

However, accidental medical coverage is readily available to students through a Student Accident Insurance Policy. Student Accident Insurance provides supplemental insurance coverage to bridge coverage gaps, expenses not covered or partially covered by OHIP or the parent’s employee benefits, and offsets the financial impact to the injured student or parent.

A number of insurance companies offer a variety of Student Accident Insurance products offering coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with an annual premium, depending on the plan, at a low cost.

The benefit of Student Accident Insurance is that it indemnifies the policyholder’s expenses regardless of fault. The claim process and reimbursement of incurred expenses is not contingent on establishing negligence, therefore saving time and money and unnecessary angst.

Each new school year presents an excellent opportunity for school boards to promote the purchase of Student Accident Insurance.

A letter or a message to the parents from the principal emphasizing the importance of the benefits of this coverage and the fact that the school board does not provide Student Accident Insurance or cover medical expenses.

Information sessions for parents and students can be arranged at schools with resources from insurance agencies or insurance companies available to lead a discussion on the benefits of Student Accident Insurance.

Students and parents should be apprised of the benefits of this coverage and encouraged to purchase it. It is recommended that those students involved in sports, co-op education, shop, etc. purchase Student Accident Insurance.

Not only will the student be better protected, but the presence of Student Accident Insurance policies may eliminate claims against the school board under the liability policy. Reduced claims mean reduced costs to school boards.


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