Risk Management

Risk Management Advisories


Unrest continues to abound around the world. At any given time, there are numerous wars, insurrections, rebellions, political upheavals, secession movements, etc. In addition, severe weather and natural disasters can result in sudden unsafe conditions that can place students in danger.

OSBIE's liability insurance protects the board and its staff against suits alleging negligence in their duties. In the situation where a school board allows a trip to proceed to a country where there has been political unrest and a student is injured because of an act of terrorism, a suit of negligence might be launched against the board or its staff. The board's liability insurance would provide protection to the board and its staff. A Court might find negligence against the board in allowing a trip to proceed when it was aware of dangerous conditions at the destination or along the route of travel.

Risk Management Recommendations

It is strongly recommended that student trips to destinations where there is political unrest, war, insurrection or natural disaster be postponed or cancelled.

School boards should always reserve the right to cancel trips in the event of sudden unstable political environment, threats of war or terrorism, natural disaster or any other dangerous condition. Trip organizers, participants and parents should be made aware of this during the early planning stages of the trip – not when the trip is about to take place.

It is recommended that School boards check with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada before proceeding with school trips to foreign destinations, and follow the recommendations of the Department.

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