Risk Management

Risk Management Advisories


From a risk management perspective, it is OSBIE's position that no woodworking or metalworking machinery should be operated without the use of safety glasses or goggles, and where applicable, face masks. Students should not be working with chemicals in a science lab without the use of protective goggles. Eye-wash stations should be available in all shops and labs. Safety guards should never be removed from machines operated by students.

There are a number of sports where goggles are recommended, such as badminton, and squash. In addition, sports such as hockey, and baseball require face masks for participants playing certain positions. Sports such as field hockey and floor hockey have resulted in eye injuries both to goalies who are not wearing masks and to participants who are not wearing masks or goggles, and are hit in the eye by a stick or plastic puck.

In the interest of safety of our students, please stress the use of protective eye-wear to school staff and to students. Those responsible for the safety and supervision of students in labs, gyms and shop should have mandatory rules about eye protection that are strictly enforced.

We recommend consulting Ophea’s Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines for the activity to confirm whether or not eye protection is recommended. Follow this link to access the Guidelines: http://safety.ophea.net

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