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Dental Injuries - Children In Need of Treatment

Every year, schools report a high number of student injuries resulting in damage to teeth. When this injury occurs on school premises or during school activities, the parents often look to the Board for compensation for the dental bill, especially if the parent did not purchase Student Accident Insurance or does not have dental insurance through their employment. In most cases, there is no Liability on the part of the school and OSBIE will not compensate the parents for these expenses

There is a program available through the Ontario Ministry of Health to assist parents who did not purchase Student Accident Insurance, do not have any dental coverage, and cannot afford the dental repairs to their child's teeth.  This program, called Children In Need Of Treatment (CINOT) ensures that children and youth with urgent dental treatment needs and no other access to care can receive treatment at no cost. This program will also pay for dental treatment if an eligible child has an injury and suffers dental pain, bleeding or injury. The program will not cover repairs for cosmetic reasons only. It also will not cover the future costs of crowns or caps.

Who is eligible?

Children 17 years and under may be eligible if:
  • They are residents of Ontario;
  • They have an urgent dental condition identified during screening by one of the public health unit's dental team;
  • They do not have access to any form of dental coverage (including other government-funded programs, like Ontario Works); and
  • The parent/legal guardian signs a declaration that their family does not have any dental insurance for the necessary dental treatment and that the costs of dental treatment for this treatment will create a financial hardship. The parent/legal guardian also signs to say that they understand they may be required to provide financial documentation to substantiate the declaration of financial hardship.

Please refer to: http://www.mhp.gov.on.ca/en/healthy-communities/dental/ for more information.

Payment of these dental bills through CINOT would eliminate a number of claims against the Boards under the Liability Policy and reduced claims means reduced costs to the School Boards. In addition, we suggest that schools promote the purchase of Student Accident Insurance, which is a low-cost program with good accidental dental benefits.

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