Risk Management

Risk Management Advisories (RMA's)

Over the years OSBIE has developed a number of Risk Management Advisories, based on common questions and concerns coming from our Member Boards. These Advisories contain information on a variety of different issues affecting school and boards in Ontario from automobile coverage to first aid responders and preventing vandalism and arson on your properties.

To search the Advisories you can scroll through the index, or click on the corresponding letter for the subject i.e., to find information on Playgrounds, click on P.

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Additional Insured
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Fleet Automobile Insurance
  • Non-Owned Automobile Insurance
  • Automotive Shop Courses Conducted on School Premises
  • License Requirements for School Purposes Vehicles
Bomb Threats
  • School Evacuation
Child Care Centres in School
  • Liability Responsibilities
Community Involvement Diploma Program  
Construction Projects
  • Insurance and Reporting
  • Risk Management
Co-operative Education and Work Experience Programs
  • Liability Insurance - Who is covered?
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Non-Owned Automobile Coverage while working on or driving an Automobile
  • Damage to Property of Employers
  • Risk Management Tips
Dental Injuries
  • Recommended purchase of Student Accident Insurance
Environmental Issues
  • Duties and Responsibilities of School Board Trustees and Directors
  • Summary of Environmental Statutes, Regulations and By-laws
  • Fuel Oil Code Adoption Document
First Aid Providers - Administration of Medication
  • Risk Management Tip
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Authority to Collect/Release Personal Information to OSBIE
Free Standing Nets
  • Recommendations by a Jury
Glass Breakage Injuries/Glass Installation and Replacement
  • What is Safety Glass?
  • Wired Glass can cause Horrible Injuries
  • Installation & Replacement/Improvement
  • Risk Management Issues to Consider
  • Wired Glass: Wire is for Fire, not for Strength
  • The Properties of Glass
Occupier's Liability
  • Duties of a School Board as outlined in the Education Act
  • Loss Prevention
Permission and Acknowledgement Forms
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • OSBIE Recommended Forms
Playground Standards
  • Playground Triage
  • Playground Triage as a Risk Management Strategy
Prevention of Eye Injuries  
Playground Safety - Winter Use Advisory
  • Playground Safety programs and minimum requirements
Polling Stations
  • Risk Management for Schools used as Polling Stations
Premises Closure Protocol  
Risk Transfer - Permits for Use of Premises
  • Rental of School Facilities/Permits/Transportation Contracts
  • Permits
  • Insurance for User Groups
  • Liquor Liability
  • Transportation Contracts
School Council and Parent Groups
  • Frequently Asked Questions
School Trips Abroad
  • Risk Management Tip
  • OSBIE Recommended Form
Specialists and First Aid Providers
  • Legal Liability
  • Criminal Proceedings
  • Risk Management Tip
Student Accident Insurance
  • An Opportunity...
Safety Patrols
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Risk Management Issues
Take Our Kids to Work  
Uninsured Labour Related Claims  
Vandalism and Arson Prevention