Risk Management

Risk Management Advisories


The Community Involvement Program is mandated by the Ministry of Education and managed by the principal of each school, with the school board involved in determining the types of activities and the forms to be completed for the program.

The school board’s liability insurance carried with OSBIE will provide coverage for the students and the community sponsors from any law suits that may arise from the students’ activities in the community involvement program during the 40 hours of volunteer work required.

The board’s insurance does NOT cover the sponsoring organization for law suits that arise from their negligence, or for student injuries while they are completing their 40 hours of service.

The following is a list of ineligible activities as stated in the Ministry of Education Policy/Program Memorandum #124 (April 1999).

Any activity that:
  • forms part of a class or course in which the student is enrolled;
  • takes place during the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day;
  • takes place in a logging or mining environment (if student is under 16 years of age);
  • takes place in a factory (if student is under 15 years of age);
  • takes place in a workplace (if student is under 14 years of age);
  • would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace;
  • involves the operation of a vehicle, power tools or scaffolding;
  • involves the administration of medication or medical procedures to another person;
  • involves handling of substances classed as “designated substances” by OH&S Act;
  • requires the knowledge of a trades person whose trade is regulated by the provincial government;
  • involves banking or the handling of securities, jewelry, works of art, antiques or other valuables;
  • consists of duties normally performed in the home or is a personal recreation activity;
  • involves a court-ordered program (e.g. community service, probation)

School boards are encouraged to supplement this list with any other activities that they do not wish students to be engaged in or which may place the student at high risk of injury.

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