Risk Management

Risk Management Advisories


Focus on...
  • Understand obligations set out in contract or agreement.
  • Is the activity approved, directed, controlled and supervised by the school board?
  • Check the facility to ensure it is suitable for the activity.
  • Blanket certificates available.
  • Board office to keep copies.

When to Provide an Additional Insured Certificate to a Third Party:

It is common for conservation authorities, municipalities, landlords, mall owners, property owners and others to request that they be added as additional insureds to a school board’s liability insurance policy. They wish to be protected for liability arising out of the use of their premises and facilities for school activities and functions by the board.

OSBIE extends coverage to others when it is appropriate through the issuance of a Certificate of Insurance or the completing and signing of a Certificate presented by a property owner and approved by the board.

In the case where two or more OSBIE school board members are entering into a contract, we recommend each board provide the Evidence of Insurance Certificate to each other, and that naming each party as an additional insured is not necessary.

To enable OSBIE staff to make an informed decision on these requests and to issue Certificates correctly, boards should forward relevant documentation to us. The key information required is:

  1. Full name of party/parties to be added as an additional insured. (e.g. the Owner of the premises)
  2. Description of event or activity to take place.
  3. Location of event or activity.
  4. Name of board and/or school holding event.
  5. Dates or term of coverage required, unless blanket certificate has been requested.
  6. Limit of liability insurance required by other party. (NOTE: We don't automatically extend coverage for our policy limit to others. Normally, we extend $2 - $5 million, or the amount requested in the contract with the board.)

To obtain a Certificate of Insurance please contact your School Board Office.

Certificates naming others to your liability policy are only provided in response to contractual obligations. Cases where the facility is open for public use or general admission (and not for the exclusive use of the board) should not require an additional insured certificate.

If a party is asking for "proof" of insurance to confirm the board carries insurance, this can be provided by giving them a photocopy of the Evidence of Insurance Certificate we provide to all members each January.

When to Request an Additional Insured Certificate from a Third Party:

The following cases may require your board to request an Additional Insured Certificate from another party:

  1. When an outside group requests permission to use school facilities as part of a Community Use Program. 
  2. When a third party contractor is providing services or specialty programs to the school board (e.g. snow plow contractor, food service providers).
  3. When any part of a facility is rented to an outside party (e.g. child care facility, tenant, etc.).

When in doubt about what is required in a contract for use of premises, please send the relevant insurance clauses from a contract or permit to OSBIE via e-mail to: memberservices@osbie.on.ca or call Member Services at 1-800-668-6724.


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