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The primary Human Element Factors involved with accidents occurring in auto or wood shop environments are:

(1) Failing to follow procedures

This can be either students or teachers who ignore safety procedures. Failing to wear safety equipment, horseplay, not following safety rules and using machines with defective or missing guards are the common causes of student injuries. Students moving or starting vehicles is the most frequent source of accidents in auto shops.

Failing to provide proper supervision, failing to inspect equipment regularly, failing to lock-out defective equipment, and failing to follow safety procedures increases the risk of injury.

(2) Careless attitude

This element can be present in either students or teachers, and can appear as poor house-keeping practices, a propensity for high-risk activities, and wanton disregard for rules and regulations.

Technology labs contain dangerous equipment, hazardous materials or involve the movement of motor vehicles. This is usually where careless attitudes toward safety procedures intersect with injuries.