H.E.L.P. Program

Human Element Loss Prevention Program
Introduction and Overview

Human Element Factors are defined as any actions or inactions of a single person or a group of persons which:

  • increase the chance of a loss occurring;
  • directly cause the loss to occur, or
  • contribute to increasing the severity of a loss.

Managing the Human Element Factor in any organization is often challenging. However, with education of causes of loss, awareness of proven practices and reinforcement of policies and procedures, school boards can reduce their loss profile. This ultimately means fewer injuries, property losses and disruptions to educational programs.

The H.E.L.P. program is a systematic process designed to promote awareness of the twelve most common human element loss categories, and to provide proven risk management guidelines to address the issues under each criteria. By modifying procedures rather than promoting expensive changes to physical attributes of buildings, school boards can reduce their loss profile without impact to operating budgets.

The documents contained within this section of our website are intended for OSBIE member school boards as a guide to developing a risk management program that conforms to these guidelines. The audits will be based on the criteria set forth under each of the twelve audit conditions. Where possible, school boards are encouraged to adapt these guidelines to fit local needs, and to exceed the guidelines where feasible.

(Reviewed 2015) E&OE