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School Activities - High Risk Activities vs. Educational Value

Duration: 45 minutes


David Beal, Director of Risk Management, OSBIE

Julie Welsh, Risk Management Program Coordinator, OSBIE


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Session Description:

In today's society, involvement in "extreme activities" is encouraged for young people by the media and in advertising on a daily basis.  How do schools manage these expectations and pressure to offer extreme school activities while balancing the safety of students?

The following topics are discussed:

·         Social Concerns and Legal Expectations when planning school activities.

·         The various risk management strategies available when organizing school activities will be discussed. 

·         Where are YOUR Risks when organizing and planning school activities?

·         Also, the topics of informed consents vs. waivers and working with third party vendors to meet safety standards and manage risks.


Click here to view the recorded version of the Webcast

La session sera offerte uniquement en anglais. Les diapositives PowerPoint sont traduites en français et disponible par le lien ci-dessous.

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