Risk Management Seminar

Risk Management Seminar 2016 Presentations Handouts

Risk Management Track (RM)

This track is focusing on current Risk Management issues facing Principals and Educators.

Supporting Transgender Students in Your Schools
Eric M. Roher, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Supporting transgender students and students going through the gender transition process continues to present legal and practical challenges for educators. In this session we will explore:

  • Recent human rights applications commenced by transgender students and their families;
  • Statutory obligations under human rights and education legislation;
  • Applicable case law; and
  • Best practices for providing a supportive environment to transgender students and satisfying the duty to accommodate.

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Working with EMS to Manage a School Emergency
Bruce England, Founder and Principal, GTA Emergency Management Consultants Inc.
This session will be presented Bruce England, who retired from the Toronto Emergency Medical Service as a Superintendent and will provide an overview of EMS operations and how school staff can prepare to interact with EMS responders. The session will include:.

  • When to call for help?
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • An overview of the scales of incidents/emergencies
  • Recent school events

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Risk Management for Educators
School boards face many risks in their day-to-day operations, ranging from student injuries from sports or school activities, fund raising activities or community groups using school facilities.

This workshop provides a background on the social, legal and human factors that are contributing to an increase in lawsuits in Canada, an overview of the Liability insurance coverage provided to OSBIE member school boards, with a focus on the principles of risk management, risk identification and the most common risk strategies available to school boards to help reduce injuries and law suits.

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Concussion Awareness (C/A)

NEW THIS YEAR: In response to the emerging issues surrounding concussion management, legislation and promoting risk awareness, OSBIE will be hosting a Concussion Awareness Track containing 3 different sessions as part of our 2016 agenda!

School Board Policies on Concussions (PPM 158)s
Christina Seres and Todd Bright, Ministry of Education
The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview of School Board Policies on Concussions (PPM 158) and the resources available to support ongoing implementation. This session will also provide an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue and share promising practices and challenges related to policy implementation.

*Presentation to follow

HEAD STRONG...Playing Safe, Staying Healthy
Michael Langlois, District School of Niagara
Educational awareness for all stakeholders in your organization by exploring a systematic and coordinated approach to the many and varied essential elements that constitute a long term, sustainable Concussion Education Program. The workshop focuses on the ever changing information regarding concussions and building partnerships to move concussion protocols forward.

*Download HEAD STRONG...Playing Safe, Staying Healthy Presentation Slides

An American Perspective: Head Injury Prevention Program
Brett Carruthers, New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal
The prevention of student athlete head injuries is a significant challenge to school district administrators, athletic directors and coaches. What proactive steps can be taken to reduce these injuries? How do we effectively treat these injuries? How do we get these students to 'return to learn'? These questions and more will be answered during this session.

*Download An American Perspective: Head Injury Prevention Program Presentation Slides

Operations/Maintenance Track (OT)

Focusing on the issues that affect the Maintenance and Facilities personnel.

Security Measures in Manitoba Schools
Keith Thomas, Loss Prevention Officer & Risk Manager (retired) - Manitoba Association of School Trustees

Results of a security survey taken by Manitoba school boards will be discussed, focusing on alarm system and video surveillance upgrades and/or installation, as well as low cost measures that will assist in school security.

*Download Security Measures in Manitoba Schools Presentation Slides

Goderich Tornado: Disaster to Planning to Rebuilding
Larry McCabe, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Goderich
One of Canada’s Top Ten Weather events of 2011. Five years after an F3 tornado tore through the Port of Goderich at almost 300 km per hour, the town has made a remarkable recovery. Join Larry McCabe, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Goderich, as he recounts the events of the tornado and the rebuilding of the Town, with surprises and lessons learned along the way.

*Download Goderich Tornado: Disaster to Planning to Rebuilding Presentation Slides

Are Your Sports Fields and Grounds Safe for Play?
Past President, Sports Turf Canada
This session will address sports field and play area safety inspections. What to identify. Maintenance and repair matrix. Guidelines for both natural and synthetic field development.

*Presentation to follow

Organization Track (SO/HR)

Workers across all sectors including teaching are not immune to the radical shifts we are witnessing across North America. The often unfulfilled promise that technology would lessen workload, combined with the demands of family and growing personal aspirations, is challenging our assumptions about organizational well-being. Linda Duxbury will draw on recent research

Contract Law Overview
Theresa Hartley, Partner, McCague Borlack LLP

This session will provide an overview of the basic principles of contract law beginning with an analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada case Sattva Capital Corp. v. Creston Moly Corp., [2014] 2 SCR 633, which significantly changed this area of the law.

The session will then focus on specific issues arising in contract law, particularly in relation to:

Lease Agreements (property and equipment), Construction Contracts, Maintenance Contracts, Vendor Agreements, Shared Agreements, Snow Removal and Landscaping Contracts

This will include a discussion about:

  1. Limitation of Liability Clauses
  2. Hold Harmless Clauses
  3. Waivers from various perspectives including:
    • - Negotiation tactics
    • - Proper wordings
    • - Enforceability
    • - Impact on subsequent litigation

This session will be led by Theresa Hartley, a civil litigator with extensive experience in contract law. Theresa is a partner at the law firm of McCague Borlack LLP and is widely considered an expert in her field.

*Presentation to follow

Trends in Employment Law
Sabrina Lucibello, Partner, McCague Borlack LLP
This session will address recent trends in Employment Law in relation to:

  1. the recently proposed amendments to Ontario’s Workplace Violence and Harassment provisions in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as they relate to sexual violence and harassment and resultant issues relating to workplace investigations;
  2. the impact of social media on investigations and hiring/firing decisions; and
  3. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal process in relation to recent issues arising in discrimination claims.

This presentation will be given by Sabrina Lucibello, a partner at the law firm of McCague Borlack LLP and an experienced civil litigator focusing on employment law and other issues. Sabrina is highly regarded as having extensive knowledge in these areas.

*Presentation to follow

Succession Planning Workshop
Michelle Verhey-Korpan & Sherri Toonders, Thames Valley District School Board
A proactive Succession Planning process makes good business sense. While many Private Sector businesses have been developing and refining succession plans for years, Public Sector employers have more recently begun to see the need and benefit of Succession Planning. The Thames Valley District School Board will share their experiences regarding their ongoing work in developing and implementing Support Staff Succession Planning.

Interested parties can contact our System Staff Development Department at the Thames Valley District School Board for further information.